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ヘッディング (小)
Welcome to ”Cat Cafe Orphanage Kamakura” surrounded by nature green!

"Cat Cafe Kamakura ",Japanese folk style house located in a quiet residential area near by Kamakura Great Buddha.

Wooden floor and steps here in, also old wooden beam walking path for cats, cafe walls apply with natural materials absorbs smells made you feel fresh. You can enjoying look and spend with cats in Cat Cafe Orphanage with having pleasure Herbal tea from Mourice Messegue,Tea from Ceylon tea speciality shop "TEA LENTEE", Japanese Tea "Matcha" and Organic Colombian coffee.

Old wooden beam walking path 6 meters height, Cat Cafe really cats play land!

Our concept cat cafe in order to international animal welfare base, Cats who had bad living in the past to offer them stress free living space was our thinking care about them .

Cats living freely open space, they can go up to 2nd floor by stairwell, then again climb from 2nd to loft by ladder which is freely cats could up and down playing 6 meters hight.  Top on the beam cats play around chasing each others while looking out birds through the large window in the loft.

Medical supervision by under veterinary doctor for AIDS,
Leukaemia inspection etc…,

Cats in our cafe comes living here through the route of veterinary doctor Takahiro Ushikusa after his health inspection in a KANNAI animal clinic. All cats with us under complete inspection of disease  AIDS, Leukemia, FIPV, fecal inspection, tick and flea extermination.

We welcome Cat fans who love to received a cat from us, also who like to visit us as a ordinary cat cafe or you may love to visit us while on a walk in Kamakura.  

◆Open:11:00am to 18:00pm

◆Closed:every Monday and 2nd&4th Tuesday every month

◆Charge:30min ¥850~/60min ¥1.350~(one drink included)

※Health Inspections and handing over cats to people, Cat Cafe may closed irregular days. If you plan to visit us  please check our cafe calendar before you come.

※No adopted cats as June 15th,2016

We mention to our customers. 

In our cafe generally living about 10 cats. Some of among them are not get used to people, Those cats climb up top of the beam. We glad  you could enjoy Cat space in our cafe which is differ from ordinary Cat cafe (20~30 cats)  


We couldn't sure always cats are available for hand over to you. If some one like  to received a cat from us please ask from our staff.


Cat cafe located in a very quiet residential area. Please consider surrounding area when you visit us.


Cat cafe no car parking! When you visit us please be try to use public trasportations.  

(Even most nearest car park is located at around Kamakura Great Buddha )

We have bicycle park space.


Babies and children under school age are not allowed cat cafe.

Primary school students must be accompanied with the parents or guardians.


Cat cafe space is reform after owners house. 2nd floor in the house is Cat cafe. Customers who used wheelchairs

may cause inconvenient visit cat cafe.


Payment system and How to use   
Our Cat Cafe mention as usual cat cafe vary in prices per spending time in the Cafe. Please check our Payment systems before you visit us. 

Charge table(without tax)

¥500/person in 30min

¥1,000/person in 60min

Extension:Added ¥250/15min

Flat charge ¥3,000 from 11:00am~18:00pm (only weekday)

※At least one drink order required

※Half charge for elementary school students

※Babies and children under school age are not allowed 

※Primary school students must be accompanied with the parents or guardians.

※With extra¥100, you may enjoy to feed a snack to the cat.(Limited quantity)

How to use

1.When you enter to Cat cafe please do not ring the house bell. Please remove the shoes then wait till staff attend you to the seat. ( House slippers are available)

2. Sliding door before enter to the Cafe, please open slightly not to cats out and after enter be sure closed well.

    (If in case happened the cats come out  to the entrance hall when you enter, be sure tell to the staff)

3.Then continue to steps up, Please wash your hands and sanitising by staff's instruct. 

4.In the Cafe you can sit where ever seat you like, and could order our special redid drinks and sweets from the menu. The time your order menu is the entering time to Cat Cafe and please check your leaving time with staff at this point.

5.Please enjoy our Cat Cafe spend with pretty cats, Even though times up you mentions at the first, staff will not ask you to leave.

6.Once you decided to leave the cat cafe, Please settle the bill at the register.

Insist concept to Logo.

We wishes The cats living in our cafe  be living comfortably , stress free and relax, also be a  pleasure & relax time to our loving customers seeing and spend with them Cats with having delicious drinks and sweets we readied in our menu. Our precious design to end of cat’s tail in red insist tiny fire we start Cat Cafe concept keep on flame to longer. 

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